2021 Campaign Cabinet Team | Monadnock United Way

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2021 Campaign Cabinet Team

2021 - 2022 Stronger Together Campaign Volunteers

The success of MUW’s annual fundraising campaign depends on the support of a large network of volunteers. Campaign volunteers give of their time and talent to help get the word out, make thank you calls and solicitations and serve as MUW’s ambassadors to the many businesses that run workplace campaigns. Campaign volunteers and MUW staff also work directly with 74 Employee Campaign Chairs, individuals working inside local businesses that run campaigns for MUW who ensure that their workplaces hold the most successful campaigns possible. The dedication of all these individuals is a true embodiment of the Stronger Together campaign theme.  

General Campaign Co-chairs

Loaned Employees

Employee Campaign Coordinator

Small Business and Delivery Team

New Business Team

  • Demitria Kirby

  • Chelsea Plummer

  • Sue Silver

Sharing Squad

  • Jill Adams

  • Joanne Angell

  • Jeff Bergeron

  • Erik Murphy

  • Dominic Perkins

  • Chelsea Plummer

  • Kelly Ricaurte

  • Roberta Royce

  • Sue Silver

Leadership Gift Team