About Us

Our Vision

A United community where all are cared for and thriving.

Our Mission

Monadnock United Way is dedicated to improving lives by mobilizing diverse partners and investing in programs and people to create long-lasting, measurable change.

Our Values

Collaborative: We arrive as equal partners, committed to doing good, especially when it’s hard.

Transparent: We are truthful and honest with ourselves and with the community.

Sustainable: We choose paths that strengthen our community now and into the future.

Respectful: We are considerate of others’ opinions, position, background, and experience.

Trust: We center our relationships and actions on openness and honesty. It is the lens for all we do.

The Caring Power of Community

Since 1952, Monadnock United Way has harnessed the caring power of community to improve lives throughout our entire Region.

We unite people from all sectors of the Monadnock Region to solve the toughest problems facing us today. We believe that when we work together, we make all our region’s communities stronger.

The problems challenging us are complex; they are issues that no single organization or individual can solve:


  • We have the third highest rate of child abuse and neglect in the state


  • Our children score lower than the rest of the state in English and math

Financial Stability

  • One quarter of our residents are low-income. The rest of NH the rate is 1 in 5

Uniting for Children, Education, and Financial Stability

Real change is possible when nonprofit, public and private sectors team up to work together. And alongside our community, Monadnock United Way is addressing these three issues in innovative ways. Here’s how you can help:

Give: All contributions made to MUW stay local. Click here to learn about the different ways you can give.

Advocate: There are numerous ways to advocate for issues related to financial stability. Visit our advocacy page to learn how to stay informed, speak out and engage your community.

Volunteer: Contact us to see how you can help make sure our children have what they need to succeed in life, and consider working with our Impact Monadnock team, which leads MUW's signature early childhood impact initiative.

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