Planned Giving

Part of what makes the Monadnock region special is the generosity and commitment of its people to change lives for the better. We invite you to consider Monadnock United Way in your estate planning so your generosity to this community will continue beyond your lifetime.

Legacy Society

Leave a legacy for generations to come. Donors who include Monadnock United Way in their estate plans are recognized as members of the Legacy Society. If you have questions about making a planned gift, or if you have already included MUW in your will or estate plans and would like to become a member of the Legacy Society, please email Katie Gardella at

Laura Gingras

"I had my first opportunity to participate in a United Way campaign in 1995.  United Way meets the needs in local communities and changes people's lives.  After serving on the board and several committees, I have seen first hand how efficiently the Monadnock United Way is operated.  When my husband and I set up our trust, it was very important to include the charities that mean the most to us. Our local church, our local hospital, and our local United Way.  I hope others will consider including United Way in their will or trust in some way." - Laura Gingras, Peterborough, NH

Legacy Society Members

We thank the following members of the Legacy Society for their thoughtfulness in establishing a planned gift for the Monadnock United Way:

David and Joanne Angell
Laura Gingras and Dave Fish
John and Jean Hoffman
Katie Gardella and Peter Straus
Carol and Ken (D) Jue
Liz LaRose and Mike Dionne
Doug Maynard
Sylvia D. McClary (D)
Allen and Ellen Mendelson
SB Legacy

Become a Legacy Society Member

Donors at all income levels can make an investment in Monadnock United Way's future, through any of the following opportunities:

Name MUW as a beneficiary in your will. A bequest provision can be included in your will when you are creating it or you can amend your existing will through the use of a codicil. This arrangement provides you with flexibility and control should your circumstances change. You can designate an exact amount or a percentage of the assets in your will.

Make a gift of appreciated securities. Make a bigger impact by donating long-term appreciated securities, including stock, bonds, and mutual funds, directly to MUW. Compared with donating cash or selling your appreciated securities and contributing the after-tax proceeds, you may be able to automatically increase your gift and your tax deduction. See the section below for more information.

Name MUW as a beneficiary of a retirement plan. Perpetuating your gift through a retirement plan is simple, flexible, and tax-wise. Contact the administrator of your retirement plan to designate MUW as the beneficiary of your retirement plan. They can also let you know what restrictions may apply.

Name MUW as a beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy. Many contributors are attracted to life insurance because it enables them to make a larger gift than they would otherwise have been able to make. Here's how it works: You pay the premiums on a life insurance policy that will ultimately produce a sizable gift to MUW. If MUW is named as the owner and beneficiary, you will also receive a tax deduction for the annual premiums.

Watch the video below of Allen and Ellen Mendelson, members of our Legacy Society, as they talk about why Planned Giving is a great option.


Charitable Gift Annuity

Are you looking for a way to provide yourself or a loved one a fixed payment for life and leave a lasting legacy to your community? By donating cash or stock to create a United Way Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) you receive an income tax deduction for your gift and guaranteed fixed annuity payments for life. To receive payments now, you must be 60 years of age or older. Deferred gift annuities are also available. For information on CGAs, please contact Katie Gardella at 603-352-4209 ext. 27 or consult your financial advisor to develop a plan best suited for you.

IRA Rollover Gifts

Consider the Individual Retirement Account (IRA) charitable rollover option. This provision allows American taxpayers ages 70 1/2 and older to donate up to and including $100,000 from their IRAs each year without having to treat the withdrawals as taxable income. For more information, contact your financial advisor.

Stocks and Securities

Donating stocks and securities is easy to do and can make a huge impact on the lives of people in the community. To transfer gifts of appreciated securities to MUW, have your broker contact Toni Ciampaglione at NH Trust, at 603.355.1655 or; and Katie Gardella at MUW, at 603.352.4209 ex. 27 or

Use the following information: 

  • Account #: 6FK075241
  • DCT #: 0443 (Pershing, LLC)
  • FBO: Monadnock United Fund
  • MUW Tax ID: 020236885

Donor Advised Funds

Monadnock United Way would be happy to work with you, your family, and your advisors on contributing through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF). Please contact Katie Gardella, Resource Development and Community Engagement Director, at 603.352.4209 ext. 27 or

To learn more about planned giving opportunities, contact Katie Gardella, Resource Development and Community Engagement Director, at 603.352.4209 ext. 27 or