Community Investments

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Monadnock United Way has an Investment Process which ensures fiscal and program accountability while meeting the social service needs of the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire.

The Investment Review Teams deploy Monadnock United Way financial support to collective impact initiatives and individual agencies that have the most effective and promising programs aimed at solving the issues outlined in our strategic Frameworks for Children, Education, and Financial Stability. The investment system is designed to be accountable to the donor, responsive to people's needs, and inclusive of programs and initiatives to which the givers wish to contribute.

Investment Review Teams are made up of volunteers from the entire Monadnock region, and represent the demographical diversity of the general population, including in aspects such as skillsets, experience and age. The teams reviewing proposals under each focus area RFP will include experts in the respective fields: Children, Education, and Financial Stability. 

Committee members read proposals, visit programs, listen to presentations and converse with the Collective Initiatives and individual agencies seeking funding. This dedicated group of volunteers is trained to look for initiatives and programs whose outcomes measurably improve the needs outlined in our strategic frameworks. A new, enhanced evaluation system allows committee members to utilize a rubric to evaluate proposals based on such things as performance outcomes, organizational capacity, and compliance with current contracts and proposals.

Members of the Investment Review Teams stay with the teams over a single or multi-year funding cycle to:

  • Provide guidance and expertise to partners throughout the funding cycle, and
  • Review and monitor progress to ensure that funded initiatives are meeting their goals.

Each Investment Review Team member commits approximately 50 volunteer hours to this vital role.

For information on becoming an Investment Team member, contact us,