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Workplace Campaigns

Bring the community into your business, and your business into the community!

Sometimes you don’t have to look far to find partners in the fight for children, education and financial stability of a community. It could be someone right there in the next office, cubicle or work station.

When you start a Monadnock United Way workplace campaign, you’ll bring together people who already know how to work together. And, you’ll be taking teamwork and collaboration to a whole new level - to the community that needs you.

Every company has a mission statement. A workplace campaign can add impact to yours.

No matter if you are a small business, major corporation or nonprofit. Whatever the size or focus of your organization, Monadnock United Way will partner with you to develop a customized campaign that aligns with your corporate values and interests of your employees. Your time, energy and donations can be directly targeted to specific causes.

Monadnock United Way is here to get you up and running and assist you on your way to a winning campaign.

We have tools and resources to help your company facilitate a simple, fun and effective workplace campaign, including:

Learn more about how to start your own workplace campaign!

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