Collective Impact In Action

Collective Impact in Action at Monadnock United Way

Collective Impact describes an intentional way of working together and sharing information for the purpose of solving a complex problem. Rather than organizations working in isolation, Collective Impact brings people together in a structured way to achieve social change. We see evidence that the Collective Impact approach MUW is facilitating is more likely to address complex issues facing our community – issues affecting Children, Education, and Financial Stability.


Collective Impact

Population Level Goals - These are lofty goals that MUW and our community wants to meet. Population level goals have been set for each of our focus areas, Children, Education, and Financial Stability. Eliminating child abuse and neglect, raising reading and math scores, and lifting people above the poverty line are a few. It takes years to see movement. And we can’t do it alone. But working together throughout our community, we can – and we will! 

Evidence-based Practices - MUW and our partners examine research and choose services shown to solve problems at hand. For example, Impact Monadnock wants to prepare all children for academic, career, and life success. Studies show that engaging families, quality child care and preschool, and home visiting achieve these goals. See the studies at

Indicators of Success - While studies tell us a service should work, the service itself must be delivered with quality. Each MUW program and initiative sets measurements, such as the percent of children reaching developmental milestones or the percent of parents able to maintain jobs. These indicators guide us to success. For more on individual focus area Indicators of Success, click Children, Education, or Financial Stability