Loaned Employee Program

At the heart of Monadnock United Way's workplace campaigns are Loaned Employees (LE) — local employees who serve as the organization's key fundraisers between August and December.
Employees who are trained as a Monadnock United Way LE provide an invaluable service to the community. They also give back to your business. The LE training gives them solid leadership skills, increased self-confidence, and a greater understanding of the region’s needs. Most walk away from this positive experience with new friendships and an expanded professional network. Best of all, they become more valuable employees as a result of their experiences.
Some years, the LE Program welcomes the addition of Keene State College students. These students assume the same training and account responsibilities as the LEs that come to us from local companies — and they receive course credits for participating in the program.
For more information about the Loaned Employee Program, download the attached PDF at the bottom of this page, or contact MUW at