Social Media Toolkit 2024 Campaign

Monadnock United Way isn’t just our name. It is how we work.

No matter the challenge, United Way’s comprehensive approach and community roots mean we can find a way forward. We’re here to strengthen communities every day, advancing financial security, providing opportunities for young people, and improving health for all. Together with local and global communities, we’re building a future where everyone, everywhere, can thrive.

Purpose of this toolkit

Each of us can make a difference for a neighbor — but when we come together, we can make change for all. That’s why, whenever there is a need in our communities, Monadnock United Way is there.

Let’s take action together, so all of us can rise

Copy and paste the suggested social media posts or develop customized posts to share the content.

  • Add the #TeamingUpforTomorrow hashtag to your social media posts and engage with us via your personal or organizational accounts.
  • Follow @monadnockunitedway on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share our content; be sure to use the #TeamingUpfor Tomorrow or #MUW hashtag!
  • When you make your donation to the #TeamingUpforTomorrow campaign, share your #ThisMyUnitedWay story to your social media accounts.


Anytime! Campaign is a treasured tradition of the Monadnock United Way. While our traditional #TeamingUpfor Tomorrow workplace campaigns run from September 14 - December 31, 2024, MUW fundraises all year round.  You can schedule out your social media content anytime during the course of the year to keep MUW visible in the community and encourage friends and followers to contribute or volunteer.


Use any of the following hashtags to support visibility: #TeamingUpforTomorrow, #MUW, #MonadnockUnitedWay,  #LiveUnited

Suggested Social Media Posts

  • Join MUW staff, volunteers, and partners in creating opportunities for children, education, and financial stability in every community throughout the region. #TeamingUpforTomorrow , #MUW, #MonadnockUnitedWay, #ThisIsMyUnitedWay, #LiveUnited
  • Together we step up for those in need. #TeamingUpforTomorrow, #MUW, #MonadnockUnitedWay, #ThisIsMyUnitedWay, #LiveUnited
  • Real change happens when we #LiveUnited. Give today to the 2024 campaign. #TeamingUpforTomorrow, #MUW, #MonadnockUnitedWay, #ThisIsMyUnitedWay
  • I believe in #TeamingUpforTomorrow and that’s why I support Monadnock United Way. Join me in donating to this year’s campaign. #TeamingUpforTomorrow, #MUW, #MonadnockUnitedWay, #ThisIsMyUnitedWay, #LiveUnited
  • I believe in #TeamingUpforTomorrow and that’s why I support Monadnock United Way. Check out this story and join me in donating. #TeamingUpforTomorrow, #MUW, #MonadnockUnitedWay, #ThisIsMyUnitedWay, #LiveUnited
  • #TeamingUpforTomorrow means that people have food, shelter, and the resources to thrive. That’s why I support Monadnock United Way. #TeamingUpforTomorrow, #MUW, #MonadnockUnitedWay, #ThisIsMyUnitedWay, #LiveUnited

Monadnock United Way Graphics for Social Media

Click on your preferred social media platform name below. Then select the graphic you wish to post and hold-down or right-click on the image to save to your desktop or smartphone.