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Story: Stability for Arabelle

Arabelle is a fun-loving 4-year-old. And she loves day care. Her nana, Marlo, says Arabelle thrives on the structure and stability, as many 4-year-olds do.
The stability is particularly important for Arabelle. 
“Day care is a happy, consistent spot for her,” Marlo said. “And that’s been huge for us because so much in her life is not consistent.”
Marlo took in her granddaughter three years ago, during a time when neither of parents were able to provide that care. 
Marlo never envisioned that she’d be raising a grandchild and said she would not have been able to carry out this task without the support of the Keene Day Care Center. Without tuition assistance daycare would not have been within their reach.
Marlo has several chronic health conditions and said she would have had great difficulty having to provide 24/7 care for her granddaughter. Being able to send Arabelle to day care has helped both Marlo and Arabelle. 
“They are such a wonderful resource,” Marlo said.
The consistency and care provided by the daycare has been a huge source of support for the entire family as they all work toward Arabelle’s return to her mother’s care. The time Arabelle spends at daycare has allowed Marlo to support Kelsey in her efforts to resume motherhood.
“Currently, we are working as a team,” Marlo said. “Arabelle and her new brother are on the path to a happy, healthy future with their mom.”
MUW provides funding to Keene Day Care Center to help the center provide tuition assistance to families who otherwise would not be able to attend.  
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