Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How do we know 100% of our donations will go into the community?

A: MUW’s Board of Directors are donating the funds to cover all bank and admin fees for this fundraising effort, ensuring that 100% of your donation will go into our community. In addition, we will report the total amount raised and donated on this page.


Q. What is the most efficient way for me to make my donation and get my gift into the community?

A. Because of new CDC recommendations and with respect to the importance of social distancing, we are limiting the number of hours that our staff come into the office to process gifts received via US Mail. We are asking donors to use our safe, secure donation portal whenever possible.  We are still accepting checks but you may experience a delay in processing time. 


Q: How and why did you choose the partners listed above?

A: Our partners have identified what they need to respond in real-time to this emergency. We trust that they best understand the needs of the families and children they serve.


Q: How will programs be paid?

A: At the end of each week, we will release funds raised to the partners listed above in equal amounts.


Q: Will programs have to report on how they used the funds?

A: There will be no rigorous reporting requirements, only a simple signed letter attesting to how the total amount of special funding was used. It is most important that agencies have the ability to respond quickly to emerging needs, without worry.


Q: Will programs have to align the work they are doing for Covid to the goals under their current allocation?

A: There is no requirement that agency/program plans for this funding align with goals and/or performance measures related to the MUW application.


Q: Since the Covid situation is changing daily, can partners change the use of funds to respond in the moment?

A: Yes. Should an agency/program change plans around its response mid-stream, all that is required is to resubmit the new plan ASAP to Liz LaRose, liz@muw.org.


Q: Can funded partners use their regular allocated MUW funds to respond to COVID-19 related needs?

A: Yes. MUW has eased its reporting requirements allowing funded partners to use their regularly allocated MUW funding flexibly and for whatever is most needed, including operating costs and COVID-19 related needs. 


Q: How will money be distributed to agencies who are in collectives?

A: For collectives, it is expected that the lead/fiscal agent for the program manages the response plan for the group and distributes funding to the subcontracted partners as needed and appropriate.


Q. What else should collectives know about this funding? 

We ask that lead agencies of collectives find out what their members are doing to respond to the needs of families and children – so that we may provide relief funding for these efforts. 
We will support each individual program within a collective that needs additional funds to provide vital services to keep families whole. 
Q. Are programs being asked to start something new as part of their response? 
A: Programs do not need to start something new. We are raising funds to provide relief for what they are doing to support the well-being of children and families during this time.
Q. How will funding be distributed amongst partner programs? 
A. Funds will be distributed in equal amounts to programs requesting relief funds. And we are working on the honor system and ask that programs only request funds for efforts related to Covid-19 and sustaining the well-being of families and children. The more programs that request funds, the less each receives.

Q: How will you keep donors and the public informed about fundraising or other needs?

A: Visit this page regularly for updates. We will also share news through our Facebook page and our e-newsletter.


Q. Should I redirect my regular pledge to support the COVID-19 Relief Fund?

A. We strongly urge the community to consider making a gift to the COVID-19 Relief Fund in addition to your current annual pledge. Our partner programs need additional support at this time to be able to respond to the emerging needs of children and families related to COVID-19, but they will also rely on their regular MUW funding as they move forward. 


Q. Will Monadnock United Way provide funding for individuals affected by COVID-19?

A. We will provide funding to programs that are working to support those impacted by COVID-19, but do not provide funding directly to individuals. If you are in need of services related to COVID-19 we urge you to contact 2-1-1 which will help direct you to the appropriate resources. 


Q: I am unable to donate to the COVID-19 Relief Fund at this time but am interested in supporting area organizations in other ways. What can I do?

A: Our partners providing services to those impacted by COVID-19 have reported an overwhelming outpouring of support from our community. While offers for volunteerism are greatly appreciated, please understand that social distancing is the only way to ensure all of our safety at this time. However, we are currently working to convene area providers to discuss their needs and are creating a list of people who are interested in helping should the need for volunteers arise as this situation evolves. If you are interested in being added to that list please email info@muw.org. If you’re looking for other ways to help, you can also check the “other areas of urgent need” section of our webpage where we will post items and supplies that organizations are looking to have donated. Thank you for your part in making our community stronger during this challenging time.