Circle of Excellence Awards 2021

Monadnock United Way recognizes the heroic efforts conducted through workplace campaigns and other community participation. The award recipients below are those who led the community in the 2021 Stronger Together campaign. MUW also recognizes the tireless volunteers who helped make this campaign a success. We appreciate all of our supporters!  2021 Stronger Together Award winners were announced at this year's United We All Win campaign kickoff event in September. You can watch a replay of the event on YouTube


This award is reserved for the individual volunteer or volunteer group who best displays sustained commitment to the Monadnock United Way and our community, demonstrating continued positive impact on the well-being of the community and the Monadnock United Way.

2021 Recipient: JoAnn Angell


Awarded to the local group in a new partnership with Monadnock United Way that demonstrates commitment to being a strong community partner in their year-round efforts to engage with and support our community.

2021 Recipient: The MUW Investor's Group


Awarded to the local company best-exemplifying commitment to our community through a culture of strong engagement, positive attitude, and demonstration of continued broad-based support for the community and the Monadnock United Way.

2021 Recipient: Whitney Brothers


Awarded to company and employee groups conducting community engagement efforts with an exceptional level of creativity and enthusiasm.

2021 Recipient: Winchester Learning Center

Click here for a complete list of our Campaign Volunteers for 2021.