Guyer and Son Roofing Leads the Way on GivingTuesday

Guyer & Son Roofing Leads the Way on GivingTuesday


A legacy of service and customer satisfaction

Almost three years ago, Gil Oriol and Sean MacPhee took over Guyer & Son Roofing, a Marlborough, NH business with a stellar reputation as a quality manufacturer and installer of various roofing products. The company has served residential and commercial customers in NH and VT for more than six decades. They have continued to slowly build on their reputation with quality people, team building and an attitude of gratitude. The prior owner, Dale Guyer, continues to consult with them from time to time and their Lead Project Manager, John, has over 50 years of Roofing experience. Click here to visit the company’s website.

A partnership based on a shared vision and values

Gil and Sean became acquainted when their children were in their early years of elementary school (they’re both in college now!). Over years of attending school and sporting events, they became friends and occasionally talked about the type of future they envisioned for themselves, their families, and the community. Gil and Sean discovered that they shared overarching values about making a positive impact in the world.

While they were both happy in their careers, they felt they could do more, and decided to form Good for All, LLC. The name was inspired by Gil’s late mother, who always encouraged him to ‘look for the best outcome for everyone’. Guyer & Son Roofing is their first company.

Sean has extensive experience in project management and people management, developed over the course of his 29 years at Asplundh Tree Expert Company, where he worked his way up from an entry-level position to managing an organization of more than 200 people. Gil excels in building effective business strategies and relationship management, skills honed in successful careers as a Business Intermediary and Commercial Real Estate. Working together, they are a talented and effective leadership team.

Shelter, food, the elderly, and children

Good for All’s charitable efforts focus on shelter, food, the elderly, and children, which aligns closely with MUW’s focus on financial stability, education, and children. They identify needs and opportunities to help in our local communities, and if they can’t assist directly, they will network with others to find a solution. Gil is a longstanding Board Member for Meals on Wheels of Hillsborough County. In the past they have supported a wide range of charitable appeals, including United Way of Nashua, Monadnock United Way, Meals on Wheels in the Monadnock region, Make-A-Wish, Liberty House for Veterans, and youth-oriented organizations.

“Partnering with Monadnock United Way to raise funds on GivingTuesday through a donation match appeals to us because the areas we care about, shelter, food, elderly and children, align closely with MUW’s stated mission and focus areas,” said Gil. “We’re excited to help inspire others to donate/volunteer and help MUW reach their fundraising goal!”

Moving forward while doing good

Gil and Sean have worked hard over the last few years to ensure Guyer & Son Roofing remains a respected and trusted local business partner. Going forward, they anticipate identifying additional opportunities to grow Good for All, LLC and to expanding their reach and presence for those in need in the Monadnock region. “At Guyer & Son Roofing, our mission is to meet or exceed every customer’s expectations,” says Sean. “We do that by sitting down with the customer and figuring out the best solution for their needs. Our goal is to be the first company businesses and individuals think of when they need roofing services.”

Contact: Guyer & Son Roofing, 49 Granite St., Marlborough, NH  603-876-9915,