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Stronger Together

Stronger Together…Fundraisers, Hand-Raisers & Gamechangers

We need your help to raise $1,462,000 for our neighbors in need!

You changed the game last year. People received food and emergency shelter. Child care centers remained open and viable. Families received essential services. Our partners, our initiatives and the community flexed time and again to help every person possible – because of your generosity.

Today, we begin to rebuild. Yet we face some hard realities brought to light by the pandemic. Realities that existed before Covid-19 and continue with no end in sight.

Too many of our neighbors have faced these hardships for too long:
  • We had the third highest rate of child abuse and neglect in the state
  • Our children scored lower than the rest of the state in English and math
  • One quarter of our residents were low-income. The rest of NH the rate is 1 in 5

Poverty, abuse and low educational achievement reinforce each other; creating a downward cycle that harms a community and destroys its vibrancy. The damage seeps in over time, often taking a generation to become obvious. We can’t wait that long to act.

Together we can eliminate and change these realities forever.

United Together, we are the fundraisers, hand-raisers and game-changers that:

  • Face hunger, homelessness, poverty and child abuse with open eyes
  • Step up to strengthen our community every single day
  • Prepare our neighbors for success in school, work and life

With your support, we can address today’s problems and create a strong community for tomorrow.

Give today because:

We are Stronger Together and Live Better when we Live United. See the impact of your gift to MUW in the Community Impact Report 2020.

Event Calendar

Flash Mob - September 9, 2021

Click this link to see the video version of the Campaign Kickoff - September 15, 2021

Giving Tuesday - November 30, 2021

Roberta Royce, Executive Director of the Winchester Learning Center talks about the partnership between the Center and MUW.

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