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Social Media Toolkit 2020 Campaign

Monadnock United Way isn’t just our name. It is how we work.

We unite people from all sectors of the Monadnock Region to solve problems in our community. We believe that when we work together, we make all our region’s communities stronger. The problems challenging us are complex; they are issues that no single organization or individual alone can solve.

Monadnock United Way’s goal is to create long-lasting changes by addressing the underlying causes of these problems. United Way has the networks, partnerships and strategic initiatives to improve the lives of our family, friends and neighbors.

Real change is possible when nonprofit, public and private sectors team up to work together. Advancing the common good is less about helping one person at a time and more about changing systems to help all of us.

Purpose of this toolkit

As we kick off our 2020 fundraising campaign, #BetterTogether, it is crucial to create a fundamentally broad awareness of the work that #MUW does to support the Monadnock Region in the areas of child well-being, education and financial stability in order to raise the funds necessary to continue that work.

To support this effort, we need to reinforce our presence in the community as a social change agent and help drive engagement and action among community members via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. 

How YOU Can Help

Copy and paste the suggested social media posts or develop your own customized posts to share out the content.

  • Add the #BetterTogether hashtag to your social media posts and engage with us via your personal or organizational accounts.
  • Follow @monadnockunitedway on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share our content; be sure to use the #BetterTogether hashtag!
  • When you make your donation to the #BetterTogether campaign, share your #ThisMyUnitedWay story to your social media accounts.


#BetterTogether kicks off on Wednesday, September 16 with a virtual event.  You can schedule out your social media content in advance, to help us promote the event and encourage friends and followers to watch contribute


Use the following hashtags to support visibility: #BetterTogether, #MUW, #MonadnockUnitedWay, #Children, #Education, #FinancialStability, #ThisIsMyUnitedWay, #LiveUnited, #Fight, #Win

Suggested Social Media Posts

  • Join MUW staff, volunteers, and partners in the fight for children, education and financial stability in every community throughout the region. #BetterTogether, #MUW, #MonadnockUnitedWay, #ThisIsMyUnitedWay, #LiveUnited
  • Together we step up for those in need. #BetterTogether, #MUW, #MonadnockUnitedWay, #ThisIsMyUnitedWay, #LiveUnited
  • Real change happens when we #LiveUnited. Join us on September 16 as we kick off our 2020 campaign. #BetterTogether, #MUW, #MonadnockUnitedWay, #ThisIsMyUnitedWay
  • Join us at #BetterTogether as we share the stories of community members whose lives were changed by partner agencies funded by #MUW. September 16 beginning at 9 am. #MonadnockUnitedWay, #ThisIsMyUnitedWay, #LiveUnited
  • I believe we are #BetterTogether and that’s why I support Monadnock United Way. Join me in donating to this year’s campaign. #BetterTogether, #MUW, #MonadnockUnitedWay, #ThisIsMyUnitedWay, #LiveUnited
  • I believe we are #BetterTogether and that’s why I support Monadnock United Way. Check out this story and join me in donating. #BetterTogether, #MUW, #MonadnockUnitedWay, #ThisIsMyUnitedWay, #LiveUnited
  • #BetterTogether means that people have food, shelter and the resources to succeed in life. That’s why I support Monadnock United Way. #BetterTogether, #MUW, #MonadnockUnitedWay, #ThisIsMyUnitedWay, #LiveUnited
  • Check out this story. It’s the reason why our community is #BetterTogether and why #ThisisMyUnitedWay. #BetterTogether, #MUW, #MonadnockUnitedWay, #ThisIsMyUnitedWay, #LiveUnited

Monadnock United Way Graphics for Social Media

Click on your preferred social media platform name below. Then select the graphic you wish to post and hold-down or right-click on the image to save to your desktop or smartphone.