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Our Vision

For more than 65 years, Monadnock United Way has been committed to creating better lives for all in our region. Our five-year strategic plan provides a roadmap for investing in our community. Together, we will create lasting change by supporting strategies that are innovative, promising and measurable. Historically, we have invested in programs. Today, we begin a new way of investing — by focusing on issues such as child neglect, lack of education and the need for living wages — while helping to ensure that foundational needs, such as food and shelter, are available for those in need.
WHY We Invest in Children, Education, and Financial Stability
In 2012, the Monadnock United Way and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation partnered with the NH Center for Public Policy Studies to conduct extensive research with a goal of uncovering gaps in the well-being of people living in the Monadnock region.
The goals of that study were to:
  • Identify major trends and community needs in our region
  • Identify evidence-based solutions to address those needs
  • Explore a systems approach to address the needs at the root cause
Of the many factors that influence a community’s well-being, three foundational areas were identified as high priorities that MUW is uniquely positioned to address. Those are:
Children.The rates of teenage pregnancy, and child abuse and neglect are higher in this region than all but three counties in the state.
Education. High school students in this region generally scored lower than the top 25 percent in the rest of the state.
Financial Stability. The region is losing high-paying jobs and our wages are the second lowest in the state.
These three factors tend to cycle together. On an encouraging note, when children, education and financial stability needs are addressed, they positively affect other areas, including substance abuse, hunger and homelessness.

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HOW We Invest

We invest strategically in programs and collective initiatives we believe will achieve specific outcomes in our three focus areas: Children, Education and Financial Stability. In addition to the focus areas, MUW invests in programs that meet the basic needs of community members: food, shelter, heat and transportation.  
We invite individual agencies and collective initiatives to submit funding proposals. For more information, read about our grant and investment process for children, education and financial stability. Funding recommendations are made by our Investment Review Teams — groups of volunteers who spend more than 100 hours each year reviewing, analyzing and evaluating all grant applications for the most effective and promising solutions that support our focus areas.
We also directly fund Impact Monadnock, MUW’s signature early childhood initiative.
All our investments must align with the vision outlined in our community-backed strategic plan, and must be approved by our Board of Directors. The vision for each focus area is as follows:
Children: Community children live in safe, nurturing, healthy homes and communities.
Education: Community members receive an education that enables them to achieve their fullest potential.
Financial stability: Community members have the financial resources they need to live healthy, happy and productive lives.

WHAT Has Been Accomplished

The following are just a few of the ways our game-changers have transformed our region for the better.
Last year, Monadnock United Way and our partners:
  • Connected about 1,200 families to support services to improve their parenting skills
  • Helped build literacy skills in children through more than 2,500 hours of tutoring by local volunteers
  • Provided developmental, social and emotional screenings for more than 200 babies and young children
  • Distributed meals to more than 3,300 Monadnock region residents in need
  • Provided critical transportation services to more than 500 seniors and people with disabilities
  • Assisted 420 children and families with scholarships for access to childcare and mental health programs
So, become a hand-raiser or a game-changer. Because United we fight, United we win. To live better, we must LIVE UNITED.
To learn more about how YOU can become part of the solution in our community, email us at info@muw.org.