New Donors

A big thank you from MUW staff, Board, and volunteers to all new and returning donors! Your gift makes a real difference as we work with our funded partners and other community initiatives to create long lasting, measurable change in the areas of children, education, and financial stability.

New Donors January - May 2021

Madelyn Ammann
Tessa Borges
Linda M. Boucher
Ronnie Brown
Kyle Christenson
Brittany Condon
Alison Defosses
Felicia Destph
Dianne Douia
Allysun Erunski
Justine F. Guay
Lorena Hoffman
Brian Kelly
John W Kerwin
Mr. George Paul Lindberg
Michael Kiluk
Ashley Marshall
Shawn McCormick
Donna Oshea
Michael S. Powell
Kirsten Rediker
Dianna Ritter
Michael Scungio
Jessica Spadjinske
Dayna Walker
Steven Wheelock
Kevin Whitfield
Deborah Wyman