Monthly Giving

United We ALL Win!

We believe in the power of community. When we all work together, we have the power to create real, sustainable change in people’s lives.

Join the Community Builder’s Monthly Giving Program

When you join MUW’s Community Builder’s Monthly Giving Program, you are putting food on the table for children and families, safely housing community members, and getting children ready for the best possible start in life!

See Your Impact

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Make a Difference!

As a Community Builder, you are joining together with like-minded individuals to:

  • Face hunger, homelessness, poverty, and child abuse with open eyes
  • Step up to strengthen our community every single day
  • Prepare our neighbors for success in school, work, and life

"I believe in helping local people. I know that there are a lot of people in need in our community. I decided to give monthly because it just comes out of my account every month and it's an easy way to give." - Tom Izbicki, Peterborough, NH - monthly donor since 2018