Investors Group

What is the Investors Group?

The MUW Investors Group is a program that educates members about evidence-based strategies that local agencies are using to move the needle in our community. Members of this group commit to donating $1,000 per year over and above their regular campaign gift. The group convenes twice per year to choose a strategy in which to invest their money. During this gathering, they listen to presentations that detail an evidence-based strategy each agency employs to serve the community. Members ask questions and engage in dialogue after each presentation. Then they vote on which strategy they will support with the funds committed. For more information about the Investors Group contact Katie Gardella

Why Join?

There are several benefits of membership in the MUW Investor’s Group. You will:

  • Get to know a community of individuals who value supporting our region’s non-profits
  • Learn about innovative, proven strategies benefitting our communities
  • Experience the satisfaction of directly assisting an agency in making an impact in our region

“Being part of the investors' group has given us insight into many of the programs supported by MUW. As a result, we understand and appreciate MUW’s work even more." --Tori and Bob Harding-Smith, Investor’s Group members in PeterboroughMHVA



  • Hinsdale Adverse Childhood Experiences Trauma Response Team (ACERT) $4,500 to provide funding for trauma-informed training to first responders and social service agencies and to create a referral process to connect children to community partners who provide direct services.
  • Early Childhood 1 (ECR 1) Mini-Grants $4,500 to support one-time funding for community projects addressing peer support opportunities in Region 1. Peer-to-peer support consists of positive interactions among caregivers in both formal and informal settings. Projects address increasing access to peer-to-peer support opportunities, building capacity and/or supporting family leadership.


  • Cheshire County Emergency Housing Collaborative $3,500 to offer incentives for participants to sign up for personal development workshops. This is in addition to the MUW investments already allocated to the collaborative.
  • Child Care Providers $3,000 for State Early Learning Alliance membership 


  • Pyramid Model $4,500 - 8 schools participated in this program and 650 children were served.
  • Monadnock Food Pantries Collective $4,500 - MFPC served fresh produce and nutritious meals to 2,033 people around the region.

2020 - no investments due to COVID 19 restrictions


  • Cheshire County Emergency Housing Collaborative Housing Stabilization Program $5,550: 48 clients were served, 35% of whom found permanent housing.
  • Monadnock Home Visiting Alliance $6,000 - 555 families engaged in home visiting support.