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An eye-opening correlation heard on NPR’s Hidden Brain podcast

By Liz LaRose, President
Podcasts. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m late to the bandwagon on this 21st century tool. I’m of an age where half of us read newspapers and the other half consume news on the internet. Bucking both of those trends, I love listening to news on the radio. 
And it all started with NH Public Radio (then WEVO). During high school, my dad and I would listen while eating breakfast before work, for him, and school, for me. I was hooked, stopped reading newspapers and became a life-long listener. 
It makes no sense why I’ve only now discovered podcasts. They are just like radio, only more in-depth. And, of course, listening regularly is paying off in spades, including learning this amazing correlation: 
The likelihood of someone moving out of poverty, up the economic ladder and into a stable job can be linked, in part, to:
The neighborhood they live in AND 
The quality of their kindergarten teacher 
We’ve heard for years that where you grow up impacts your future. But the data outlined here has some surprising twists and turns regarding the long-term effects of quality kindergarten experiences. 
The studies were done at the kindergarten level. But it stands to reason our children will stand an even better chance if we ensure quality learning in early childhood settings. Considering the current focus at local, state and federal levels on providing high-quality child care for all children, MUW is proud to play a key role through two new initiatives: Pyramid Model implementation and the Monadnock Home Visiting Alliance
Regardless of how you prefer to consume news and stories, this 50-minute podcast is worth every minute of listening time.