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Covid 19 Recovery Funding


In June 2021, we have reached a milestone in the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. More businesses are opening as individuals get vaccinated and life is getting back to some sense of normal. The crisis for many is not over, however. Unemployed or underemployed families are still struggling to cover basic needs expenses, children and families are still without affordable childcare, families are still facing homelessness, and individuals and families are isolated by the lack of technology in their communities. Monadnock United Way through The Covid-19 Recovery Fund hopes to be able to help close the gap for programs and initiatives that are working to help families in need. 

MUW has $130,000 to distribute to qualifying programs.

Qualification Criteria

This program is providing gap funding of needs not covered by federal, state, and local aid to nonprofit entities so they may provide support to families or individuals adversely impacted by the Covid 19 pandemic. 


Information gathered through the Impact and Evaluation committee, the Community Voices Series, and current partner reporting shows that there may be several gaps in community’s ability to fully recover from the affects of Covid 19. The gaps include but are not limited to:

  • Quality affordable child care
  • Technology gaps like broadband access, digital literacy, and affordable digital devices
  • Adequate and affordable housing
  • Support for families and children re-entering society after Covid 19 isolation:
    • Mental Health Support
    • Social and Emotional Skill Development
    • Milestone Development
  • Policy advocacy in the areas of child care, affordable housing, and living wage.

Partner, former partner, and non-partner nonprofit agencies investing in the areas above or aligning with MUW’s focus on Children, Education, and Financial Stability in the Monadnock Region that have gap funding needs are eligible. Applicants must be recognized as tax-exempt human service organizations under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Organizations that do not have this status may apply for grants if another 501(c)(3) acts as a reporting and fiscal sponsor. Read the full list of Eligibility Criteria for MUW Funding for more information.

Application Process

The Request for Funding cycle opens on June 22, 2021.  Applications will be accepted from Monadnock area nonprofits that align with the eligibility criteria as stated above until midnight on July 19, 2021. Applicants may apply for up to $15,000 (collectives) or up to $10,000 (individual programs or initiatives). Newly forming collectives should contact Katie Gardella,, for guidance.