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$607,000 raised and distributed in 2020! 


With closures of schools and businesses and the risks of illness due to Covid-19, our region’s children and families need our help. They are facing lack of food, safe shelter, critical services and lost wages. Many families will experience undue stress. Our partners are mobilizing to ensure that families receive the emergency and long-term services needed to stay healthy and whole. MUW has established a Covid Relief Fund with 100% of all dollars raised going directly to agencies to provide relief to our region’s families. Please click here to view other urgent needs of our partner programs at this time. 

Your donation is providing relief to families throughout the Monadnock Region and is being dispersed to the following agencies/programs:

Please see in blue below how much has been received by each individual program or collective as of December 31, 2020. 

Keene Day Care CenterThere are 3 needs these funds could address: Helping families whose income is impacted to pay their child care tuition, helping staff who miss work due to illness or need to care for their own children receive pay for missed time, helping our program in general recoup any losses we encounter due to this situation. $24,833.24

Monadnock Community Early Learning Center: Relief funds will help us to provide the extra necessities to ensure that we stay open. This includes thermometers, probe covers, sanitizers and other materials to ensure the health and safety of our families and staff. Additional funds would also help families struggling to pay tuition due to the shutdown of jobs. $19,833.24


Rise for baby and familyFunds would allow Rise to provide individualized support to playgroup families during the time that playground is suspended because of social distancing requirements. This individualized support is an unplanned expense for Rise, but is critical for families during this challenging time. It will also help to defray costs related to purchasing new technology and subscriptions required to connect with families virtually. $19,833.24


Walpole Village School: The Board has decided to close this small child care program (based on the VT closure of child care for all but the children of emergency personnel) as of Friday, 3/20. Relief funds will be used to pay bills and other basic operating costs so that the program will have the financial means to re-open after the COVID-19 crisis. Any surplus relief funds will be used to support tuition assistance for families upon reopening. $19,833.24


Winchester Learning CenterOur day to day cash flow will be impacted as we cannot bill if a child is not here, so these funds would help us to hold those spots. We are committed to staying open until we are forced to close so that our families that are able to work can remain in the workforce. $21,833.24

Southern NH Services – Hillsboro Child Development Center : $8,333.24

ACCESS: This is a collective of programs that offer afterschool enrichment opportunities in a safe environment. The collective comprises the following programs: Hinsdale After School Program, Keene Family Y, Keep After School Project, Keene, Kids Adventures Before/Afterschool Program, Hillsboro MRSC, Beyond the Well Project $25,999.96

Cheshire County Emergency Housing Collaborative (CCEHC): will be financially assisting families that are struggling to pay rent and keep the stable housing they have. We will pay rent and utility costs for disruptions in income that can be reasonably related to COVID-19. CCEHC is comprised of the following organizations $87,499.67:

  • Southwestern Community Services (including its WIC Program), Hundred Nights, Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention 

The Monadnock Food Pantries Collective:  In the current uncertain climate, the local population is relying on food assistance organizations, including The Community Kitchen, now more than ever to keep their families fed. Funds will help The Community Kitchen and other agencies of the Monadnock Food Pantries Collaborative to procure vital supplies to help feed Monadnock region residents who are most vulnerable to the COVID-19 economic ramifications through hot meals and pantry programs. Donations of funding, rather than food, are the most cost effective (and safest) way to help provide nutritious meals to the food insecure, particularly children, families and the elderly. The Monadnock Food Pantries Collective is comprised of the following organizations $94,499.67:
  • The Community Kitchen, Gert’s Pantry (Swanzey), Joan’s Pantry (Chesterfield), Federated Church Food Pantry (Marlborough), Helping Hands of Troy, Jaffrey Food Pantry, and Kidz Cupboard (Marlborough)

Monadnock Home Visiting Alliance (MHVA): MHVA will distribute funds among its four entities to provide direct supports to families in need of purchasing food, diapers, and other life essentials. This funding will also be used so that staff can support families in their new role of providing education at home and to maintain continuity of services while funding distribution is interrupted. Training of staff on best practices for remote service delivery will also ensure that home visitors have the skills and capacities needed to effectively meet the needs of families during this time. The Monadnock Home Visiting Alliance is comprised of the following organizations $42,499.67:

  • Rise for baby and family, The Grapevine, HCS Healthy Starts, and The River Center

Monadnock Parent Education Collective (MPEC): MPEC will be using relief funds to plan and implement remote learning options for parent education. MPEC is comprised of the following organizations $42,499.67:

  • Monadnock Family Services, The Grapevine, HCS Healthy Starts, The River Center

Other Designations: The following programs and collectives have received funding through donor designations $44,501.92

  • Cheshire County Emergency Housing Collaborative, Hundred NightsKeene Day Care Center, Keene First Responders, Monadnock Family Services, Monadnock Food Pantries Collective, Peterborough Human Services Fund, Southwestern Community Services , The Community Kitchen , The Salvation Army, The Keene Senior Center, Monadnock Family Services (MFS) Adult Care Services, HCS Meals on Wheels, Community Volunteer Transportation Company (to supply PPE to multiple agencies serving seniors), Monadnock Home Visiting Alliance, Monadnock Community Early Learning Center, Rise for baby and family, Winchester Learning Center, Walpole Village School 

CARES Act Fund Distribution: 

In partnership with the Governor’s Office and Granite United Way, Monadnock United Way was awarded and distributed over $155,000 in CARES Act Funding to help provide basic needs to people affected by substance use disorder (SUD) and experiencing challenges caused by COVID-19 in the Monadnock Region: The Doorway at Cheshire Medical Center, Monadnock Area Peer Support Agency (MPS), and Gates Recovery Center in New Ipswich, NH each received funding between September and December 2020. The three programs helped over 660 individuals and families affected by SUD cover the costs of basic needs including childcare, transportation, fuel, utilities, housing, clothing, phone bills, computers, and internet access. Read more...


Click this link to learn more about allocation of the 

COVID Recovery Funds

$140,000 raised in 2020 to be distributed in 2021.  MUW will monitor needs for COVID Recovery Funds and will distribute later this year based on need.

raised for distribution in 2021MUW will monitor needs for Covid Recovery and will distribute later this year, based on need.

raised for distribution in 2021MUW will monitor needs for Covid Recovery and will distribute later this year, based on need.