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Chelsea's Giving Story

Chelsea Plummer’s #GivingStory begins simply, she is inspired by knowing that she might be making someone’s life a little easier and little happier.  Chelsea tells of the moment when her understanding of generosity changed forever. A close friend of had passed away unexpectedly in a car accident. He had struggled with diabetes from a young age and while it wasn't the cause of his death, she and her friend Beth, wanted to find a way to honor his memory and give back to those in need. They thought the best way would be to raise money for a local program to help others who struggle with the disease purchase their insulin. She says, “We started a raffle event where people came together and donated items which were raffled off, and the total cash was donated to the Patient Care Diabetes Fund at the Cheshire Medical Center in Keene, NH. The first year we raised ~$2000!”

The first event was put together in a matter of a couple of weeks and seeing so many people come together to help raise money in the memory of a friend was so very touching. It really opened her eyes to how an unfortunate event can bring out the generosity in people, workers were donating their tips, and people who didn't even know the full situation were participating. They were able to help so many people that first year and the moment when they saw how many people came to help, will live on in her memory forever. “In the years since, donations continued to grow and my hope for people to succeed will always grow with it,” said Chelsea.

Chelsea credits three people in her life that are most generous and influential in her philanthropy, her Godparents, and one of her coworkers. Of the threes Chelsea says, “All are continuously giving with the only expectation being to see a smile on someone’s face. I am always inspired by their kindness and generosity and am grateful to have them as role models.”