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By Nour Habib, Marketing Specialist 

  As the marketing specialist at Monadnock United Way, I dabble a little in all aspects of the work our team here does. That means that I get to hear a lot about the impactful work happening across the Monadnock region.   One initiative that I am...
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By Nikki Sauber, Impact and Investment Manager     Last year, I hosted Thanksgiving dinner at my house and volunteered to provide the turkey for the meal. The gathering was potluck-style, and as each guest arrived I watched my dinner table fill up with vats of potatoes, heaping casseroles and... Continue Reading
By Kate Cote, Volunteer Engagement Specialist      I recently attended the annual Strategic Volunteer Engagement Conference at United Way headquarters in Alexandria, VA and I am so glad I went! New connections were made, ideas were shared and brought home to bolster our volunteer programs in the... Continue Reading
By Katie Gardella, Resource Development Director      First, some statistics: 30% of annual giving occurs in December; 10% of annual giving occurs in the last three days of December; 77% of Americans believe that everyone can make a difference by giving to charity.* It’s not quite December but... Continue Reading
By: Peter Smith, Campaign and Donor Relations Manager   As I have just completed my first full year at MUW, I continue to tell myself how lucky I am to work for such an amazing organization in such an amazing community.    The kindness and impact of our community is never more on display than... Continue Reading