MUW's Loaned Employee Program is recruiting for 2019 campaign

By Kate Cote, Volunteer Engagement Specialist
It is once again time for Monadnock United Way to begin cultivating community volunteers for our annual fundraising campaign. One of the critical volunteer roles in the campaign is that of the Loaned Employee. Every year, many of the Monadnock region’s employers generously select one of their employees to participate in the MUW Loaned Employee Program. These individuals are at the heart of local workplace campaigns and provide an invaluable service to our community. The Loaned Employee is responsible for assisting local businesses in running their internal workplace campaigns, raising a significant portion of the annual campaign funds. Funds which are distributed to assist the Monadnock Region’s partner agencies as they work to support children, education, financial stability, and basic needs.
LEs not only benefit MUW, our community and our partners but also their employer and themselves. Here’s how. Participation in the LE program benefits:
  • The MUW by greatly expanding our staff capacity and helping us raise a large percentage of our annual campaign funds. 
  • The community by helping to make connections and strengthen relationships between local businesses and nonprofits and by raising funds to help solve local issues.
  • The employer by representation in the region as being committed to the health of our community.
  • The Loaned Employee by enhancing professional development skills such as leadership, public speaking and project management.
Seeing the amazing work that our campaign volunteers accomplish each year is truly inspiring. It is wonderful to see the work that this group achieves, the connections they make, and the sense of accomplishment they feel. MUW couldn’t do the work we do without our volunteers and we are so thankful for each and every one of them.  
For further information in how to get involved in the Loaned Employee program, please contact me at either 352-4209 ext. 23 or