Auto Dealers Unite for United Way

By Liz LaRose, MUW President 
The auto dealerships in the Monadnock Region are known for their generosity and commitment to our community. They sponsor events, participate in service clubs, sit on local boards and donate to a myriad of regional nonprofits.
This year, our region’s auto dealers have taken their commitment to community to a new and fun level. 
They are joining forces to raise funds for the Monadnock United Way in a friendly competition called “Auto Dealers Unite for United Way.” 
The dealership with the highest percentage of employees who give to the MUW campaign will win a tour of the Ames Automotive Museum in Marlborough, NH. 
As someone who is not a car buff, this museum is a boatload of fun and nostalgia. The museum tour starts with a bird’s-eye-view light show overlooking the vast collection. It features music throughout the ages to match the year the car was built. Employees of the winning dealership are sure to be singing along and sharing memories from childhood through high-school and college joy rides.
The winning dealership will get to enjoy:
  • Over ninety cars on display
  • 100 years of automotive history
  • Most cars are completely original, including tires and paint
  • Many have fewer than 10,000 miles on the odometer
  • Some are high quality restorations of rare “one of” cars
  • Lunch with a light show featuring music throughout the ages
The Ames Automotive Foundation is proud to participate in this friendly competition for a good cause. Steve and his wife Joan created the Ames Automotive Foundation in 2016 to allow future generations to have the opportunity to learn how the workers could assemble these cars in a matter of hours on a moving assembly line. This Foundation will allow these extraordinary vehicles to live on for years to come.
We are grateful to the Ames Foundation for offering this tour to the lucky dealership. And we are also grateful to all of the dealerships who are joining together to support MUW:
Donations from this friendly competition stay LOCAL and ensure that local children are safe, that families have food and shelter and that people of all ages have the resources they need to live healthy, happy and productive lives in our region. 
If you’d like to learn more about this friendly competition, contact Pete Smith at or 603.352.4209 x28.
Best of luck to each of the dealerships!!