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Alicia My Giving Story

Nothing is more important that supporting the growth and development of children and families.  Being a parent is hard and I truly believe it takes a village to make it work!  I give back, because giving helps families that I don’t work with or may ever even meet.  The more we invest in early childhood, the more our community gets back – in so many immeasurable ways. I know that no matter how small my donation still creates a ripple and with enough ripples, we create a wave. 

Much of my life has been made up of small moments of receiving generosity – whether it is a doodle on a post-it or a rock from my 4-year-old, a cookie from a high school teacher when your parent is going through chemo, or hug from a coworker when you are in the midst of chaos. These moments are the ones that stick with me and have helped me realize, grand gestures are nice, but the small, everyday moments also count.

I have lived in New Hampshire for 18 months and am overwhelmed by the generosity of the people within the Monadnock Region.  I see everyday the ways in which the people  in this community work to make this the best place to live, work, and raise a child!

Alicia Deaver, MS, CCLS